Tips on finding Freelance Developer Jobs Online

There are 8 popular Freelance Platforms for Games Developers and Technolgy. Here we gonna add quick work for all of them. could almost have been classified as a generalist freelancer platform, but given the name, and the number of techs, data and developer missions offered on the platform, it was preferred to be placed as a developer platform. Encoder, it is 170 000+ freelancers, and already more than 100 000 missions. There are so many and so many to choose from! To find missions, nothing simpler, mission briefs are posted, and you will only have to filter according to your skills. Each freelancer has its dedicated page, where are visible the projects won, the evaluations, if the registration is free to have its page, you will have to count from € 29 per month, without commitment, to answer briefs. In addition, a commission of 4% with a minimum amount of 5 euros (excluding VAT) will be required for each project won (once the project has been paid). is an innovative job board, on which freelancers and recruiters are put in contact. Specialized in Computer Science and the web, is a real platform full of resources. In fact, in addition to the mission offers, the site has an active forum allowing new users to learn and exchange about their project as well as the administrative and accounting procedures of the business. Registration to the site is free and fast, and its interface neat.

So this is a very comprehensive site, where you can search for contracts, manage your profile, and improve yourself as a self-employed person!


If you want rather long and quality assignments, you should visit the website of Freelance Republik! This is how the designers describe the missions proposed on their site. Here is the concept: to be part of their group of qualified freelancers, you will need to pass some pre-selection steps. Interviews and special tests will be held, but once the tests are over, you will be one of the 15% selected to which these critical missions long coveted will be offered. These will be provided by the most attractive companies on the market: Deezer, Vinci, ManoMano… so don’t hesitate and sign up!

Our platform allows direct contact between clients and freelancers. The operation is simple: the freelancers we select offer their services. Customers can, therefore, choose from a large catalog the freelancer best suited to their project. Both can then communicate directly about the project. Registration is completely free, and we do not charge any commission fees on the services provided. Freelancers have the option to subscribe to a subscription that allows them to access a larger number of projects each month as well as additional features.

It Profile

A site specializing in employment and assignments Web, it and Telecoms, the profile is a full platform freelance that will offer you many services. From the classic consultation of available missions to email alerts, the offer is wide. Their mechanism for assigning missions is interesting. It works through a score that is assigned to you based on the compatibility between your profile and the skills requested by the recruiter. This way, you will no longer be in danger of finding yourself powerless in the face of an unrealistic mission: you will in principle be qualified to carry it out!


A platform dedicated to tech and data, Friday is a free site linking companies and freelancers. The operation is quite simple and classic. You can even sign up through your Linkedin account and offer your services directly.

Plus, the hashtags mission and skills search allow you to target the contracts that best fit your areas of interest.

Friday puts you in touch with the company, and if you are interested and available, the mission has to start. As for the commission, Friday takes it from the customer’s side, so everything is more comfortable for you!


Skillvalue is an original freelance platform in the field of computer science. Their approach is very playful, and the site proposes you to carry out numerous tests of skills, games and even competitions! Much more than just a recruitment platform, the site offers small training, meet-ups, through its partner Pentalog. The set is therefore very lively and allows you to evaluate yourself on your real skills. The functioning of the site is quite fluid; you focus on your missions while Skill value takes care of your remuneration. Once your assignments are taken care of, you choose your average daily rate, and you are paid every month, without any inconvenience and without any commission at your expense.

Club Freelance

Club Freelance is a computer freelancer platform as there are many. The operation is classic; the site offers many missions in various areas tech. The registration is quite simple, you start by getting in touch with the site, and once your profile is detailed, the site offers you missions. Your résumé is passed on to the client, and you’re interviewed. Once the interview is over and if the company chooses you, the mission starts! Don’t hesitate to take a look; the game is certainly worth it.