Welcome to my Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am a freelance game developer and I love my job. In my blog I will cover some of the important things in the field of game developing. I’ll talk about how to become an independent freelance game developer and I will also cover some of the ways you can find jobs as a freelance game developer. Furthermore I will discuss some of the projects I have been working on, the software behind them and the front end development as well.

This whole journey of becoming a freelance game developer has thought me so much. Being a freelancer is not easy but it is worth the trouble. Every beginning is terrifying but at the end of the day, being a freelance game developer has made me learn and grow not only as a developer but also as a person. Being a freelancer thought me to take charge in life and make decisions that will decide my future. At first it was scary but later you learn that this is actually the freedom that we all lack and if you are reading this now and find yourself in a position like this, I encourage you to act and take charge of your life!

Become an Independent Developer

In order to become an independent freelance game developer first of all you need to develop the skills. If you have some sort of skills, like front end development, that is a bonus for you and will help you later on. There are many ways you can acquire those skills. There are schools that teach front end, back end development and everything related. There are public and private schools that teach classes like this and these are kind of the safe way to get your developer career started.  There are a lot of game developer academies nowadays that teach front end and game developing classes.

Usually these game development academies teach a course that lasts over a period of one year or more. In these schools you learn the basics of front end, back end and game development. If you are working hard there is a good chance that your talents will be noticed and maybe the academy will connect you to some of their partners and include you in projects. This is a great way to gain experience in the field of front end, back end and game development. You can later use this to become an independent freelance game developer. But remember that first and foremost you have to acquire the skills needed that we mentioned, front end, back end and game development. Then you’ll need to have an appealing portfolio in order to gain clients. That is where it all starts.

Finding Freelance Jobs

Finding freelance jobs is not as hard as one might think. Thankfully there are a lot of websites that connect freelancers with employers. These sites have a terrific way of securing both parties in order to help them reach their goal. In order to make the most out of this I suggest that you look up ways and tutorials on how you can improve your portfolio and your freelance profile. All of these are important aspects in order for you to become more appealing to the employees. This is crucial at the beginning of your freelance career. There are jobs out there for everyone, front end, back end or game developers, you name it.

Just remember that it is a free market and you have to be ready to compete with freelancers with similar qualities. However at the end of the day, everyone gets their chance to prove themselves and it is all up to you. There is usually a rating system in these freelance websites, where both parties can rate each other depending on how satisfied they were with one another. This is a great thing because it stimulates both sides to work together for a common good. Resulting in a win-win situation.

Online Casino Games Projects I Have Done

I’ve been working on a couple of online casino projects. One of my favorite include an online casino project where the music consisted of jazz vocalist Jaclyn Guillou. Jaclyn Guillou is an amazing vocal and makes everything better. The games sounded much better with Jaclyn Guillou vocals in it. Plus the fact that Jaclyn Guillou’s genre is jazz and jazz fits perfectly as a casino music added to the whole experience.

Online casinos are a big thing nowadays and are quite fun to do. These online casinos are so popular because they include a casino bonus. The main casino bonus that they offer is the no deposit bonus. What this casino bonus means is that the user gets a casino bonus upon signing up, no need to make a deposit. This is a great way to start your legal casino experience and enjoy your favorite slots games while making some real money along the way. These legal casinos include most of the popular tradition games and of course include slots games that you can play for free and make some real money too.  No wonder these online legal casinos are increasing in popularity.

My Workflow Process

01. Research Project

02. Find Ideas

03. Development

04. Analyse Results